Hygiene and recommendation

Pre Intervention

Before your semi-permanent make-up session and in order to ensure that it lasts, please carefully read the following contraindications and instructions:

  • No aspirin taken 3 days before the procedure
  • Not taking anticoagulants (hemophilia)
  • Prohibition for people with diabetes
  • No specific treatments (high dose antidepressants, etc.) if in doubt, a medical prescription will be requested.
  • Prohibition for people undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
  • For people with herpes, an antiviral treatment of the ZOVIRAX type will be required (prescription by medical prescription).

The Dermolines company will have you complete a health questionnaire to ensure that the patient is aware of all the contraindications. The company Dermolines “disclaims all responsibility for reactions that may occur following the taking of unreported medications and treatments”

Post intervention

In order for the pigments of your semi-permanent make-up to set and last as long as possible, please respect the following instructions:


  • No exposure to the sun or U.V.A.
  • No water or heat from a hair dryer.
  • No application of greasy cosmetic products or beauty cream on the pigmented parts.
  • No face care or sports session (sweating) as well as the swimming pool the days following semi-permanent make-up.
  • Under no circumstances scratch or tear off the dandruff that serve as scabs before the end of healing, the implantation would leave at the same time. These dandruff will leave after the 6th day.

NB: One week after implantation, the pigmentation will have lightened by approximately 30%. The color will stabilize the following month (after an approximate loss of 40%).