Specialist in permanent or semi-permanent makeup, microblading in Perpignan and Andorra

A permanent eyeliner

Achieving permanent eyeliner is a real bonus if you like to always look primed. No more eyeliner that can be altered by sweat when you play sports or faded throughout the day.

Dermo reconstruction: regaining confidence

Dermo reconstruction: regaining confidence

Microblading: naturally shaped eyebrows
with a hair-to-hair technique

Microblading, permanent make-up, dermo-reconstruction…
Dermolines enhances natural beauty

Karine Humbert is a makeup artist for whom the love of beauty and makeup are interpreted every day in the form of artistic expression. Her passion is inspired by her admiration for the natural beauty of every woman, which can be highlighted and enhanced by makeup.

Her creativity and her instinct for beauty are clearly expressed in her daily work.

“The power of makeup is limitless, it offers confidence and enhances natural beauty.”

Karine started working with Guerlain and then Lancôme for several years, then she created her own company to create make-up for shooting sessions with photographers (books and advertisements). Each season, she shares new trends, advice and beauty tips with women.

She then wanted to bring a different vision of the profession through semi-permanent make-up with an aesthetic part and a medical part (recoloration of scars, breast areolas following surgical interventions, etc.).

Dermolines is a continuity in the work that Karine does every day, that of being able to provide women with a different and complementary well-being.