Dermo reconstruction – Tattooing the breast areola


Rebuild and regain self-confidence

Aesthetic dermopigmentation (ex: tattooing of the areola) makes it possible to camouflage a scar or to correct an imperfection:

Breasts and Scars:

  • partial scars following an increase in the volume of the breasts by placing implants.
  • white fibrosis around the areolas after breast reduction surgery, or even partial loss of color due to necrosis.
  • asymmetry of the areolas.
  • restorative dermopigmentation also occurs after surgery, certain burns, or any alteration of the skin.

The “tattoo” allows the patient to find his or her body image and can help turn the page on certain diseases such as breast cancer.

A tattoo after breast reconstruction

After an illness, such as breast cancer, which required breast reconstruction, a final step is often necessary for the patient to regain her physical integrity: the reconstruction of the areola.

Areola tattoo (or breast tattoo)

The tattoo is of course permanent, it allows in some cases to hide the scars following the surgery but especially to completely redraw the areola.
Thus it will give the chest a harmonious and natural visual appearance.